Together We Can Close the Wage Gap and Get Paid What We Deserve!

 The GROUP of [YOUR STATE/COMMUNITY] invites you to participate in a new groundbreaking initiative to help close the wage gap between women and men at work.

 Women in [YOUR STATE/COMMUNITY] and throughout the country will lose between $700,000 and $2,000,000 over the course of a lifetime because of the wage gap. According to the 2005 Census Bureau, women working fulltime, year-round still have median earnings of only 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. This is unfair. The difference in what women earn is not going away unless we do something about it. The personal cost of the wage gap means real losses for you and your family every day. It may mean that you cannot set aside tuition for your children to go to college, afford health insurance for your family, or you have to turn the thermostat down to save on heating bills. 

 The [Group name] of [YOUR STATE/COMMUNITY] is on the cutting edge of a new grassroots movement to help women get paid fairly. In partnership with the WAGE Project, founded by Dr. Evelyn Murphy, economist and former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, we are starting an innovative initiative to help close the wage gap in 10 years.

 On [DATE] we will launch a WAGE Club, a place where you can explore what being paid and treated unfairly at work can cost you and your family. Its a place to talk about your experiences with unfair treatment at work and hear the stories of other women. Its a place to get information about what you should be earning and ways to mobilize yourself and others to get paid fairly.

 Please come to the first meeting. See how being involved in a WAGE Club might help you get paid what you deserve. And bring along friends who are interested in pay equity. This is an important opportunity for your financial empowerment.

 The first meeting will be at [time/place]. To RSVP or for more information contact [name email number] and check out the WAGE Project website at